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Chef and Owner
Vassilios Holiasmenos

Born in South Africa, Holiasmenos lived in Greece for about two years and then went to a boarding school in England at the age of 13. He completed his schooling there and then trained in the food and hospitality industry where he got his degree.
He says: “I have grown up in restaurants and I have had a passion for food since I was a young boy. I remember being about eight years old and one of the head chefs at the Italiano restaurant in Sandton City took me into the kitchen to make pizza dough. I have never forgotten the great smells and just the general excitement I had.” Modena Italian to me is a reflection of the past, I grew up in Italian Restaurants.
The culture has always felt like home to me. Modena is the rebirth of my childhood experiences and my passion for Italian cooking. There is no better experience than a simple Italian meal. I particularly love the simplicity of Italian cooking.
After all, it Is not all about flamboyant dishes. The best-known Italian food is peasant food, hearty, homely, and delicious. Modena Italian Eatery celebrates all aspects of Italian cooking from all regions of Italy
My focus here is to constantly innovate new and exciting recipes from all parts of Italy and bring them together to create an experience that transports you to that feeling of comfort.
Modena is a beautifully designed restaurant with a focus on playful and unique aesthetics that make it a truly unique restaurant to visit.